See CMS 6.16–6.53 for rules concerning the comma. We adhere to CMS rules regarding comma usage, and use the serial (or Oxford) comma in all text.

See CMS 9.55 for usage of comma in numbers of a thousand and above, including index amounts—except in page numbers, years, and formal index titles.

Examples: The DJIA reached 4,000 long before 2002. The Wilshire 2000 includes more small companies than the S&P 500. The answer is found on page 1023.

If a word or phrase that would normally be set off by commas immediately follows a comma separating a compound sentence, use only the final comma.

Example: Liz went to town, and unless I am mistaken, she stayed all night.

(Not . . . “and, unless I am mistaken,” . . .)

Commas should be used to set off “Sr.” and “Jr.” (but not III as in Robert H. Smith III).

Example: Fred H. Speece, Jr., served as chair of the Board of Governors. Daniel J. Forrestal III also served as chair of the Board of Governors.

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