Capitalization (Including Job Titles)

See CMS 8.18–8.32 for guidance on the capitalization of job titles.

Note: In informal publications, such as newsletters, the author can use initial caps for job titles, but the usage must be consistent throughout the piece.

See CMS 8.155–8.162 for guidance on headline-style capitalization and titles of works.

Note: We deviate from CMS 8.159, point 3, in that we capitalize all important words in a headline, even in hyphenated compounds.

Example: A Non-Family Plan, The Anti-Cat Agenda

The words from which an acronym is formed do not necessarily need to be capitalized if proper nouns are not involved.

Examples: capital asset pricing model (CAPM), but the US Department of Labor (DOL)

Capitalize the word before a specific numerical unit.

Examples: Table 1, Figure 3, Equation 5, Group 2, Year 4, Month 36, Day 45, Note 6.

Exceptions: page 37, column 3, row 9.

Do not capitalize “the” when used with the name of a college, university, or company unless the author objects.

Example: the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Exception: She attended The Ohio State University.

Avoid overcapitalization. Do not capitalize words to call attention to them or to give them a sense of importance. For example, do not capitalize the initial “s” when referring to CFA Institute societies.

Examples: Member societies require that . . . ; CFA Beijing is the first member society in China . . . ; this society claims . . .