Formatting Bibliography or Reference List


One author:

Pack, Howard. 1987. Productivity, Technology and Industrial Development, 5th ed. London: Oxford University Press.

———. (For consecutive entries by the same author, use a 3-em dash closed up with the period). 1989. [In the Word file, the names will be repeated, but Typesetting should correct to the 3-em dash.]


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More than one author:

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Part of a book:

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Part of a CFA Institute book:

[Note: Proceedings beginning March 2006 are considered journals.]

(With a named editor)

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(With an unknown editor)

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(Conference Proceedings format)

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CFA Institute book (with no author cited):

Risk Management: Principles and Practices. 1999. Charlottesville, VA: Association for Investment Management and Research.

(Note: Use the same style for Standards of Practice handbooks, GIPS publications, etc. CFA Institute is not the author of such publications; it is the publisher.)

CFA Institute/Research Foundation book (with authors cited):

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Corporate Author


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Pamphlet, flyer, etc.

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Financial Analysts Journal Book Review

Granito, Michael R. 1999. “Efficient Asset Management: A Practical Guide to Stock Portfolio Optimization and Asset Allocation” (a review). Financial Analysts Journal 55 (3): 101–02.

Forthcoming Papers

Forthcoming journal (date/volume/issue known):

Miller, Stan. Forthcoming 2008. “Derivatives.” Journal of Finance 87 (1).

Forthcoming book (date known):

Marcus, Jules. Forthcoming 2008. Listening to Market Prices. Traverse City, MI: Bay Lake Books.

Forthcoming journal (date unknown):

Frank, Jay Thomas. Forthcoming. “Understanding Futures: A Layman’s Guide.” Journal of Investing.

Forthcoming book (date unknown):

Hughes, John. Forthcoming. Modern Portfolio Theory. Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press.

Occasional papers/papers in a series:

Lakonishok, J., A. Shleifer, and R. Vishny. 1992. “The Structure and Performance of the Money Management Industry.” Brookings Papers on Economic Activity: Microeconomics 1992: 339–91.


Note: When “no.” consists of two numbers, use “no.” and an en dash: “no. 1–3.” Online, the en dash here (and in page numbers) appears as a hyphen.

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Journal with No Author Cited

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Newspaper Article

[Note: Use the international date style.]

With author’s name:

Gilpin, K. 1995. “Big Investor Talked, Grace Listened.” New York Times (11 April): C1.

Without author’s name:

“Wall Street Splits on How to Cope with Falling Bonds.” 1996. Wall Street Journal (10 May): C1.

Paper Presented at a Conference

Frantzich, Steven. 1990. “Legislatures and the Revolution in Communications and Information Processing: Untangling the Link between Technology and Politics.” Paper presented at annual meeting of American Political Science Association, San Francisco (August).

Reprinted Material

Leibowitz, Martin L. (1986) 1995. “Total Portfolio Duration: A New Perspective on Asset Allocation.” Financial Analysts Journal 42 (5):18–29, 77. Citation refers to original publication.

Note: If the later date is important because page numbers are given in the text reference (e.g., for a quotation), use:

Leibowitz, Martin L. 1995. “Total Portfolio Duration: A New Perspective on Asset Allocation.” Financial Analysts Journal 51 (1): 139–41. First published 1986.

Research Report

Bederman, Earl. 1994. “The Next Decade: The Outlook for Retail Services in Canada.” Research report, Investor Economics: 68.

Unpublished Papers

Working papers, mimeos, dissertations, and other unpublished manuscripts are separated from their location by a comma and their identifications have only an initial cap unless the paper has a number or other specific designation indicating that it has a formal place in a series:

Working paper with no number and not in a series

Doe, John. 1995. “Economics for Dummies.” Working paper, University of Tennessee (June). Available at <URL>.

Working paper that is part of a series

Poterba, J., S. Venti, and D. Wise. 1992. “401(k) Plans and Tax-Deferred Saving.” NBER Working Paper 4181 (October).

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Mimeo with no number and not in a series

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