Dates and Times

If days and months or days, months, and years are written, use the international date style—that is, day, month, year or day/month/year. If the month is to be abbreviated (consult Editorial Services’ figure styles and tables document), always use the three-letter abbreviation. Do not use a zero before days:

Examples: 3 October 2002, 3/Oct/02, 7 December 1889, meeting on 30 March.

For abbreviations with quarters and years, use the following format:

Example (long-form abbreviation): Q1 2014, Q2 2002.

Example (short-form abbreviation): Q1/14, Q2/02.

Use your discretion for well-known dates.

Examples: 11 September 2001 or September 11 remembrance; 4 July 1776, or July 4 parade, or Fourth of July celebration.

See CMS 10.42 for guidance on formatting times of day.