Quality Review Tips

When QR reviews assets, products are checked in their final form for the following:

  • Brand and design consistency
    • Colors, logos, and fonts are used appropriately.
  • Layout and formatting issues
    • Information is presented clearly; images aren’t cut off; characters, equations, and diacritics aren’t blown out; bullets are formatted correctly; elements aren’t crashing into each other; serial products are consistent with past editions.
  • Usefulness and usability
    • Links navigate to correct destinations; information is presented logically; dates and locations of events are accurate.
  • Appropriate use of CFA Institute trademarks and designations
    • Apply registered trademark (®) and trademark (TM) symbols as necessary (typically on the first use of the term); check spelling of names; check charterholder status.
  • Copyright and permission concerns
    • Check that permission has been secured for photos and images. Include copyright line somewhere on the asset: © 2018 CFA Institute. All rights reserved.

Please consult some sample QR checklists here.

Please consult our list of trademarked terms here.

Common issues in QR:

  • Please use the term “countries” accurately. If, for example, a list of locations includes Hong Kong or Taiwan, use the phrase “countries and regions” or simply “locations” or “markets.” Please see more about location names here.
  • Please note the uses of the hyphen, en dash, em dash.
  • GIPS, GIPS standards, and Standards are correct; GIPS Standards is not.
  • Italicize book and journal titles.
  • Place titles of articles in quotes.
  • Put dates in international style (e.g., 29 January 2018).
  • Verify designations in Siebel.